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My embroidered landscapes are informed by my love of painting and experience working with oils to make both perceptual landscape and abstract paintings. For me, these embroideries are also paintings, made with thread. They speak to my appreciation for travel and document the journeys I took while living in Europe. As I continue to work with embroidery thread today, the subject matter of my work is shifting from landscape as content, to the material of thread and fabric itself as the subject matter. Embroidery is an art form that is deeply rooted in the history of women's work and expression. It was made available to women throughout history as a way to keep them occupied in the domestic sphere while men were allowed to pursue more "intellectual" art, such as painting, and otherwise rule the world. By reclaiming this gendered art form as a female artist and painter, I acknowledge the history of female oppression from an empowered perspective and comment on the restrictions women still face today. 


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